Saturday, November 23, 2013

This blog has moved to

This blog has moved to

Hello friends, this blog has moved to My new blog breaks down into different categories. Here's the preview:

- A shop created by yours truly that has collection of clothes I cherry-picked and desired.

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- This section is composed of poems and/or quotes written by yours truly.

- Drawings, doodle works, artworks, foods, and other output of my hobbies and passion usually posted it here.

- Thoughts, messages, events and other stuff running through my head are in this category.

Property Listings
- This section offers you list of properties either for sale or lease.

Forgive me as I am not really a blogger, but sometimes blogging is one of my way to free from stress of my busy life. Catch my blog at

Friday, May 10, 2013

Few Things to Consider when Looking for a Condo

Have you been thinking of that perfect place to live? Something that falls under all the preferred standards you've set for a space of your own? If you're looking for that space, then here are few things you should consider when looking for a condo: 

Size - Are you going to live alone? Or do you have a family? Then this factor should be taken into account. If you're going to be alone, it's better to choose a studio type of unit or a one bedroom type of unit. Why buy or lease a penthouse unit if you're alone. This will help you save a portion of the rent or total cost.

Location and Accessibilty - It would be good if you could get information on what establishments surrounding your chosen condo. Is it near your workplace? Is it near your children's school? Are there hospitals or clinics in case for an emergency? Before buying or leasing a condo unit, it would be better to make sure that important establishments are within reach and of accessible.

Amenities - There are many developers who offer different amenities to their clients. It is needful that you get your money's worth by being able to utilize the essential amenities you need like swimming pool, fitness gym, sauna, function rooms, playrooms, and the like.

Aesthetics - After considering all of the above, I'm sure you'd want a place that have the nice interiors in the unit with wonderful view.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I Made It

Where it all started? The thought of how to be back to school again made me smile. A 120 Continuous Professional Education (CPE) units won't hurt me, I guess so (except for my saving's account and schedule). I've learned to budget my financial savings and really adjusted my tight schedule. My first day of class was really full of enthusiasm. I was excited to set my footsteps in Asian Institute of Management (AIM) conference room. So, I went to Henry Sy lobby and the concierge lead me to Don Jose Yulo Caseroom where the students of Urban Institute of Real Estate would have their class. Oh! I was not late. But then, to my surprise, seats were almost filled up, and there's only few more seats available on the left wing of the caseroom. Perhaps, just like me, my classmates were excited too. I decided to sit on the first row (it became my favorite seat until the end of class semester) together with my new found friends Mitch, Vener and Juan, my left and my right seatmates respectively (they became my favorite pals in studying and in coffee break time). 

Actually there were so many memories that won't be forgotten. Mind you, so many surprise examinations after discussions. I was even chosen by my instructor for the impromptu play (buyer, broker and spectator scene). I could really burst into laughters that time. And how will I forget that one afternoon, we were taught by Engr. Cruz to plot a lot plan based from the technical description in the Transfer of Contract Title (TCT). Good thing I have my right seatmate Juan coaching me how to do this and that. I also remember how often I went out the caseroom to drink coffee since I really felt so sleepy listening to various agency / Special Power of Attorney (SPA) cases. But at the end of the day, I was glad remembering all those cases. These were only few of the so many memories that I won't forget.

Well, allow me to thank these brilliant professors of Urban Institute of Real Estate who taught us to be great in every aspects - be it in real estate brokerage, laws and legal aspects, subdivision and land use plan, zoning ordinances, income taxation, joint venture and other more. Here they are:

Engr. Enrico Cruz, a Civil Engineer, a Real Estate Broker, a Real Estate Appraiser, President of Urban Institute of Real Estate, and an Author of Comprehensive Notes and Reviewer of Real Estate Broker;

Atty. Rex D.V. Cruz, a Lawyer, and a Law Professor;

Atty. Voltaire Salud, a CPA, a Lawyer, a Court Attorney, and a Professor on Business Law and Taxation;

Atty. Gally Angeles, an Civil Engineer, a Lawyer, and Real Estate Broker;

Dr. I forgot his name, a Doctor, a Real Estate Broker;

Christian Norito, a Real Estate Broker, and a Coach on Real Estate Brokerage

We were really trained to be knowledgable in everything. I guess, that's a Real Estate Broker should be.

Anyway, what is a Real Estate Broker? It is a duly registered and licensed natural person who, for a professional fee, commission or other valuable consideration, acts as an agent of a party in real estate transaction to offer, advertise, solicit, list, promote, mediate, negotiate or effect the meeting of the minds on the sale, purchase, exchange, mortgage, lease or joint venture, or other similar transactions on real estate or any interest therein. (R.A. 9646, Article 1, Section 3). 

For me, a Real Estate Broker, other than the definition above, we should not only practice our profession and enjoy the professional fee, but rather be a light when there's darkness. Being able to share, educate and guide those who are not knowledgable in real estate endeavor. Being able to make our clients and buyers conclude a fair contract advantageous to both. Being able to familiar with laws and ordinances in real estate. Being able to be well informed of current legislation, policies, and programs of the government including proposed legislation, which may affect the interest of our clients. With a heart to protect the land of the Philippines on its best use. (Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!)

So without further a do, let me congratulate my fellow Real Estate Brokers of Batch 2013. We finally made it!

I can still remember those countless Saturday's I've been through...running down to AIM Conference right after work so as not to get late, those sleepless nights in reviewing all the lessons especially a week before the board exam. What scared me the most was the days after the board exam, I was a bit paranoid of thinking those items that I answered wrongly. Anxiety felt and I was quite shakened, but my faith was not. I continuously pray, pray harder, and ask for God's guidance and blessing. God is really good, He answered my prayer. I passed the Real Estate Broker Licensure Exam. Prayers can really move mountains, indeed!

I finally made it! 

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!
Jinky Grace C. Nono, REB
PRC License No. 0016059

Friday, January 4, 2013

My gratitude to the people who have been part of my 2011 and 2012

A new leap of faith. A new book to open. A new life to start with. And new beginning to create. Peace! As we’re pausing to think of things we desire to happen for 2013, let me start by saying thank you for being part of my 2011 and 2012 (Yes, perhaps, I failed to say thank you few years ago). May the bond started be strengthened for the coming year to come and beyond.

Hence, allow me to thank these wonderful people I’ve came to know…

Sir Mark Chua, my former Property Manager, for the advices, motivation, guidance and believing in my capabilities and creativeness. Truly, a humane leader. 

Ma'am Marlyn for teaching me some side in accounting especially on how to make check request form, the debit, the credit, and naming of entries. 

Sir RonaldKuya BrianKuya HaroldKuya GregKuya MarlonKuya Edgar and Kuya Mendo for always welcoming me in Building Maintenance Office who taught me on how to take a click in directing the service elevator to its desired requested floor, you also taught me how to silent the alarm system, et cetera (nagpapaka Engineer lang po ako,haha I was very enthusiastic to learn everything). 

Ate Irys for being my friend, my ate and my partner in lunchtime and 10-46 afterwards. 

Sir S1Sir S2Sir S3 and the rest of the security team who taught me the importance of recording, familiarizing the attitudes of the residents and of course the security codes, to all of you 10-66! 

And as I made my steps in the Head Office, let me say thank you for all these brilliant people I came across…

Ma’am Ester Cruz, my Associate Director (Asset Management), I thank you for all the teachings, guidance, especially on how to make decisions, setting examples and standard to us. Honestly, I’m really admiring you from the sideline. 

Ma’am Verlie Gatchalian, my Associate Director (Admin – Shared Services), I thank you for all the advices and guidance too. Our everyday meetings/huddle empowered us to be better when it comes to our work output. You’ve patiently guided us all the way. 

Cristina Barrios, thank you for supervising us especially when it comes to leasing transactions. You were never greedy to share knowledge and experiences. Aside from work related, you’re such a sweet and caring friend of mine.

Engr. Xavier Pastor, thank you also for imparting your engineering skills and experiences to us, though we may encounter little arguments with work. Nonetheless, you’re such a good friend of mine.

Erika, thank you for all the assistance you’ve done. I greatly appreciate all your kindness shown.

Vanni, accounting! CA! PCV! Thank you for all the “sharing of ideas” moments we have.

Cathy, Arlien, Janna and Shiela, what shall I say? Having you guys around are cool. With you, I always have my “hahahaha” laugh.

Chill, creative type. Thank you for being such a thoughtful friend.

KC and Sheryll, my dearest girlfriends, thank you for a cup of friendship shared. Sheryll never failed to put a smile on my face.

Nicole, the books! The internal audit thingy! I will always treasure those moments I have with you. You’re such a wonderful and enthusiastic friend.

Elyn, sofa set! iPhone 4s! tweet! You’re such a cool friend of mine. No sad moments with you. Always on the go. Thank you, ate Elyn.

Claire, Mezza Residence! Photoshoot! You’re one of the best pal I ever met. Very enthusiastic and lively. Thank you, Claire. Friends all the way.

Jenet and Company, My Philanthropic Activity as I turned 22! How can I forget that? I thank you and the rest of your friends for sharing your time and bucks to the children of Concordia Orphanage. I have a fulfilled birthday last February 2012. 

Mico, Julianne and Alvin Chua, I thank you for all the experiences shared and life’s lessons. Thank you for being such a good friend to me, though I’m quite hard headed and lazy sometimes in Usana thingy. Peace! Power! 

JV Bue, you became my definition of leadership, Atty. Thank you for a book of friendship shared. As what you said to me, friends all the way. 

Mitch and Juan, my lefty and my righty seatmate in the caseroom. Thank you for sharing bundle of talks and fun.

Ate Jing, Den Den, Winoe and Onel, thank you, cousins for all the fun and outing moments.

Francis Xavier Sinon, 01.01.2012! The Hobbit! A Cup of Coffee! 01.01.2013! How can I forget all these? I will always cherish the day I met you. Thank you, Atty. 

Cassandra Serna and Xereen Johair Kali, my ever beloved best friends, what shall I say? No words to think of how much I’m thankful that God made us best friends through success and failure. Even distance may separate us; we’re always be best friends no matter what. 

Nicholas Sparks, Mitch Albom, Alex Flinn, and Joshua Harris, great book authors like you inspired me as I walk on to my journey. You’ve been my favorite company whenever I felt alone. 

My Parents and brothers, thank you for all the support, advice, guidance, love and care. 

Above all, thank you My Almighty God, My Jesus…for always been here beside me, you never left my side. Thank you for all the blessings showered upon us. I love you so much, always and forever. 

May God bless us all and may the virtues of love, hope and faith guided by the Divine Providence lead us to a prosperous 2013. Cheers!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Day at The Museum

I support Children's Hour. :)

I opted not to go to work on Saturday, instead I gave my time for this activity.

Bankers, Teachers, Brokers, Writers, FEU students, Businessman, and even Lawyers came together to spend few hours with the kids at the Mind Museum.

We may have different PROFESSION, but we have the same PASSION.

Volunteers like me received six figures - SMILES.
So fulfilled looking at those kids with a smile on their face. :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

How Could He Hurt Me

Written By: Jinky Grace C. Nono
May 21, 2012

I will not fret, and I will not weep.
One day he will get a taste
of what it is like to be pushed aside
only to be forgotten and replaced.

Poetry once was my life.
Now it only causes strife.
I don't know what to write.
I've tried with all my might.

***Same situation just like of my poem entitled: You Broke My Heart
Same pains I felt, but there's a little different though.^^
Here it goes...

‘Twas the first three hours of new year
when a complete stranger seemed so near –
chatted and exchanged messages so dearly.
So I just replied him since my New Year's resolution
was to be friendly.

Our conversation never just ended on January one.
As time passed, it was turning into little sweet sensation.
Not until I uttered words that have hurt him and gone.
I realized, it was my fault and felt sorry for hurting his emotion.

As he has gone, I realized that I like him.
And I thought maybe we were meant to be.
But then, I found out that he’s in love with someone else.
How could this destiny be so unkind to me?

I was hurt because I couldn’t pretend to be so strong.
But, I realized that my feelings for him were so wrong.
Oh! I’ve never felt this way before.
The days feel like years, I couldn’t take it anymore.

He said, we would always be forever.
The pain still lingers every time I remember.
Now, he wanted me to believe that he still care for me.
He still wanted me to be around and
good friends we’ll always be.